Sophie Richard (srichard) wrote in mac_hearts_pc,
Sophie Richard

FIC: Trimming Down

TITLE: Trimming Down
RATING: PG-13/R (depends on how dirty you think flash drive insertion is)
SUMMARY: PC's trying to get in shape. Mac doesn't think he needs to change at all.

"Dude, what are you doing?" Mac stared up at his huffing, puffing lover, who was running on the treadmill in a way that...well, in a way that Mac hadn't thought PC could move, frankly. Then again, PC was looking a little leaner these days. In fact, Mac had suggested just the other day that he go in and get his suit refitted.

"Defrag," PC blurted, gasping. "You must do it too..."

"Nah, I've got a pretty good metabolism, really, you know..." PC shot him a death glare, and Mac blushed a little. "Sorry, man. Anyway, let's just go watch a movie."

"Can't. Got rid of the extra media player and all my movies. Gotta save space."

Mac was taken aback. PC had always had cherished his collection of documentaries and old black and white movies that Mac had persuaded him to rip from DVD, even though PC kept feebly insisting that it was wrong, and there'd surely be a problem with the codec. And PC was looking...well, he was looking slimmer and moving faster, but there was something spare and haggard about him that wasn't exactly what Mac had fallen in love with.

"Hey." Mac laid a hand on PC's arm. "Come on. Hop into bed, and I'll be there in a minute."

PC, who was in fact looking pretty winded, finally acquiesced. "I'll just take a shower," he muttered, then stumbled off towards the bathroom.

Mac smiled and went over to the bookshelf, scanning their collection of DVDs. He pulled down Desk Set, PC's favorite. He also put an executable VLC file on their shared thumb drive. Surely PC couldn't resist, that, plus...

Ten minutes later, Mac was sitting in bed with the thumb drive, the DVD, and a big bowl of rum raisin, which kind of weirded Mac out (raisins weren't supposed to go in ice cream, were they?), but was PC's favorite. He smiled as PC came out of the bathroom, toweling his hair off fussily, already dressed in his pyjamas.

"Sorry I'm not much fun tonight," PC said, a little awkwardly. "Defragging...just takes so long, and it makes me so tired. But I'm in better shape already," he said proudly, slapping his stomach, which didn't jiggle nearly as much as usual.

Mac didn't reply to that, just patted the bed beside him. "Hey, just come lie down. Look what I've got," he said coyly, waving the thumb drive.

PC blushed. "I don't know..." He was already settling down on the bed.

"It's my special one, formatted so it works for both of us. Come on..."

PC sighed. "Oh, all right. But if there's some bloated..." He sighed with pleasure as the thumb drive slid in easily. Then he panicked. "But I don't want—it's too many megs..." It didn’t matter, though, because Mac had configured the drive to automatically open up the VLC extractor.

"It's okay," Mac whispered comfortingly, rubbing gently at PC's belly, endearingly encased in his oxford pyjamas. It was already a little softer and more touchable. "You don't have to deny yourself everything, you know."

PC gave an adorable little sigh and took the bowl of ice cream. His next words were muffled by a mouthful. "I just thought it'd be know, we could go out running together, or maybe go to the itunes store..."

Mac smiled and rested his head on PC's shoulder as he put in Desk Set, noting PC's eager smile at the opening credits.

"That's my great, great grandmother, you know," PC said, as he always said when his hulky forebear came on the screen.

Mac kissed his cheek softly. "I know."

At the end of the movie, the whole pint of rum raisin had been eaten, and PC was looking down with a rueful sigh as Mac turned off the light. "I feel bigger already."

Mac wrapped his arms tight around PC. "That's okay." He smiled, unseen. "You wear it well."
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