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Fic: Procrastination.

*cough* Er, hello. This is my first fic here, so apologies if it's awkward. I share in the general shock that other people out there watched the commercials and went "awww!" :)

Title: Procrastination
Author: foureyedsnail
Rating: G
Summary: PC doesn't procrastinate. Usually.
Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Macintosh or Microsoft or the Get a Mac advertising campaign or Justin Long or John Hodgeman. Whatever they are, I don't own them.

PC was procrastinating.

This, in and of itself, was unusual.

PC was not very good at procrastination. Oh, it was tempting sometimes, the thought of just minimizing some tedious task, pushing it to the back of his mind and engaging in a more pleasant activity. But in the end, all that got you was running three Word documents, PowerPoint, and iTunes, which (apart from cluttering the taskbar horribly) was the surest recipe for disaster.

That said, every time the infinitely annoying helpful Microsoft Update Notifier popped in to inform him that he was just a little out of date, and could he please reboot if not now ok I’ll come back in three minutes, PC clicked “Restart Later” somewhat irritably.

After the fourth postponement, PC started muttering darkly, things like “not now,” and “again?”, and “please hold on.” Mac, who was working (read: chatting with Myspace) nearby, turned to him with some concern.

“PC?” he said after a second. “Everything okay?”

“Fine,” said PC shortly, his fan flicking on. “I just have to restart…” the window popped up “…later!

“Have to?” asked Mac, watching the blue bars, a timer of some sort, begin to march across the screen and then disappear with a click.

“Yes,” PC sighed. “Sorry. I’m just…I don’t want to reboot right now, I’m working, and it throws off my pace. You know how it is.”

Mac didn’t. “Mmm. Frustrating,” he offered sympathetically anyway.

They fell silent again, PC working on another spreadsheet, Mac watching and listening to his iPod. PC really enjoyed his work, Mac could tell. The lines of tension in his face smoothed as he became engrossed in his numbers, fan subsiding into a relaxed hum.

The little window appeared again, and the bars marched across the screen.

“…uh…PC…?” Mac ventured.

What?” PC snapped.

“Your…uh…notifier.” Mac pointed.

“Huh—oh bugger!” PC exclaimed and rebooted.

Mac watched and shook his head bemusedly. PCs were odd sometimes.


I just scribbled this a few days ago when my notifier thing was pestering me. ;) It's absolutely pointless, but I hope someone likes it.
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