amaya (amaya_kumiko) wrote in mac_hearts_pc,

Title: Walk with me
Author: amaya_kumiko
Pairing :Mac/PC 4 evah
Rating: G and verreh fluffy.
Summary: Mac's a runner.
Length: 401
Notes: I used a prompt from 1sentence: "Walking". I think its cute, and please give me constuctive criticism. Ya can't really give that to yourself. And this is totally off subject, but i wanted to say this. OMG I AM SOOO GLAD THAT I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO LOOKED AT THE BUY A MAC COMMERCIALS AND THOUGHT " THAT WOULD BE CUTE." :D ok. capslock of happy is over now.

Mac went running every night. He’d ask PC if he wanted to run too, but PC always said he had other things to do, like work on a spreadsheet or make a graph to go with some numbers. Then off Mac would go, iPod in hand, to run around the neighborhood. He never thought of much; never let one thing stay long enough to truly think about it. Well, except for how much he wanted PC to run with him. He couldn’t figure out why PC wanted to stay at home and crunch numbers (ew).

One day Mac asked PC why he didn’t run with him. PC replied with a simple, if not sheepish, “When you get going, I can’t keep up.”

“Oh”, Mac replied faintly. He turned and sat on the couch, processing this statement. He truly wanted PC to come running with him. This was one part of his life that he hadn’t shown to the other computer yet, and it upset him. He thought a moment more, and formulated a solution. Luckily it didn’t include a pie chart.

When it came time for Mac to run, he walked over to PC.

“ Hey man, you wanna come walking with me?” he asked.

“No, I’ve got some pie… walking?” PC questioned.

“Yeah. Walking.”

“Um, sure. Why not?”

As they walked around the neighborhood, PC smiled happily to himself as he saw another part of Mac’s life. Mac smiled happily to himself as he saw this part of his life in a different light. He had never noticed that the roots of MySpace’s Spam Tree had broken down a bit of the firewall the PC 3 shelves over had put up. He had to remember to tell him that. He also hadn’t notice how nice everything looked. When he ran, it all kinda blurred into one big server.

His smile widened into a grin when he realized that PC was staring at his profile. He turned his head and took PC’s hand, swinging it gently.

“This is nice. Walking with you, that is.”

“Yes. Yes, it is. Thank you for inviting me.”

“ You’re welcome. I’m glad I invited you.” He gave PC a little kiss on the cheek and wrapped his arm around PC’s waist. “ The things you miss when you’re too busy running to walk”, he thought to himself as they rounded the corner to return home.
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