'Snick (persnickett) wrote in mac_hearts_pc,

New Justin Comm

Hey there everyone!

I obviously came to this party reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally late, but I just thought if anybody out there is still watching and is a Justin fan interested in what he's been doing since the ads, (currently bouncing from writing and producing his own movie, right on to his debut on Broadway!) some of you might be interested in the new comm justinlong_hq.

It's an open forum for fans to post pretty much anything to do with Justin - news, pics, sightings. Random squee. Whatever! Membership is open, anyone can post, all you have to do to make a post is sign up.

...Sorry for the pimp-post, but if you're a fellow fan, go check it out and I'll see you there! Or if you have other suggestions where to post this to spread the word, drop me a comment right here. :)

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