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Fic: Mac/PC *draws hearts around them* // Sorta Like the Limbo // PG

Title: Sorta Like the Limbo
Author: eeyore9990
Rating: PG
Summary: PC doesn't know how to do the limbo. And I think you know what I mean by "limbo".
Word Count: 257
A/N: Written for the Mac to my PC, kathrynthegreat.

"You have to relax."

PC propped his exposed wiring on his ports and turned on Mac, a hurt look on his face. "I am relaxed."

Mac shook his head, considering the problem as he bracketed PC's ports with his plug and play devices. No matter how he tried to move them, though, PC's ports stayed locked in place. Mac ran the problem through his processors and before he could blink, the answer was waiting for him to accept/retry/ignore it.

He licked his lips. This would be fun.

"Accepting" was easy. Trying to find some way for them to be compatible? Well, Mac had no problem being flexible. He quickly set up some crossover programs that would be windows-compatible and moved in. Lining up their ports, Mac attempted an infrared interface.

He groaned, frustrated, when PC immediately asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I thought you upgraded to Window's 7?? Do you STILL have those stupid Vista pop ups?!"

PC flushed red and green and blue before he shrugged. "I am a slave to my programming."

Mac considered this for a nanosecond, then smiled. "That's okay. I don't mind taking things slowly and waiting for you to be ready. I'd bend over backward for you."

PC perked up. "Bending over backward? I thought that was the limbo?"

"It can be whatever you want," Mac said, giddy when he realized that PC had finally approved their interface.

They never got around to limbo-ing. Because they were interfacing in every position known to computer-kind. And then some.
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